About Me

I am a licensed massage therapist serving Boyne City Michigan. I studied massage therapy and bodywork at the Mind Body Institute in Petoskey Michigan. My training included an intuitive holistic approach to deep tissue, Swedish, trigger points, myofascial release, reflexology and sports massage. I then continued my education to offer silicone cupping. Currently, I am taking more oncology massage credits as this type of massage is near and dear to my heart. I am also involved in a self study course for health and life coaching. This education will help me better serve my clients as they are growing and changing. 

There is nothing more inspiring then to witness my clients transform into healthy, pain free humans. I've been blessed by the people of Boyne and surrounding areas in allowing me to be their catalyst that sparks the change inside their minds and bodies. Once I can stop the pain spasm pain cycle, then the body can begin to heal. And when the body begins to heal so does the mind. Its a beautiful experience for both the client and myself. 

Massage is my passion and life's work.